Sunday, January 30, 2011

i can't wait

Not much to report here. We are waiting.

I am busy directing Beauty and the Beast, Syrus is walking more and more and definitely becoming a two year old (which has its positives and negatives), Josh is hard at work building the set for the show, and Vlad is going about his day-to-day routine in the orphanage. The boys' bedroom is coming together slowly -- a pirate themed room for Big V and Little Sy -- and it is helping me prepare for Vlad's arrival since I don't have paperwork to do to feel like progress is being made.

I keep looking at Syrus and trying to imagine Vlad playing next to him, or the two of them splashing in the tub together, or tucking them in at night. It won't be long now before two little boys are running around, tearing up our house, laughing and arguing, being brothers and playmates and friends. I can't wait.

Monday, January 24, 2011

the dossier has arrived!

It set foot in the Ukraine today -- anyone who is thinking about how to send your dossier, I highly recommend UPS. We mailed it on Friday and it arrived today, safe and sound. On to the translation phase. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

the dossier has left the building!

Just had to shout from the rooftop that


All the paperwork from the last five months is now complete, and headed across a large ocean. All there is left to do is wait to be submitted officially to his country (hopefully on February 10th when it reopens after the holiday) and then get a date to travel. I honestly can't believe it! I don't know what to do with myself. But it sure feels good! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Guess what arrived!!! I have the 171h (immigration approval) in hand!!! Woohoo!!!!

The only problem is that today Vlad's country changed one of the documents that needs to be included in the dossier. BOOOOOOO!!!!! So, we have to get ONE MORE document and then we can send the dossier. Hopefully we can get that document in the next few days and send the dossier next week.

But I am still encouraged because the main piece that we have waited two months for has finally arrived!

And soon, the little boy that we have waited five months for will be here!!!!

please arrive today! :)

So last week was an amazing week -- so many things fell exactly into place for us in terms of the adoption. Now we are hoping for a few things to fall into place this week, specifically, a timeline of events that would be awesome!

TODAY -- receive 171h (immigration approval document) -- it hasn't arrived yet, but I'm hoping to see it in the mailbox today!
TOMORROW -- Josh drives to Chicago to take the 171h to get apostilled (the golden seal from Illinois) -- he can only go on Thursday mornings because of his work schedule
FRIDAY -- the dossier (our paperwork to adopt Vlad) is mailed to Vlad's country
NEXT WEEK -- our dossier arrives in Vlad's country and is translated
FEBRUARY 10th -- we are officially submitted to the SDA (State Department of Adoptions) -- this is the first day that Vlad's country is open for submissions

This timeline all depends on the 171h arriving today -- so, if you are looking for a hidden prayer request somewhere in this post, that is it! Please pray the 171h arrives today! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

here we come!

I got an email last Thursday from our immigration officer that we have been approved!! And all of our dossier documents have been approved and apostilled (given the gold seal from the state of Illinois required by foreign countries)!

What does all this mean?

It means that once our immigration approval (the 171h document) arrives in the mail, then we will send our dossier to Vlad's country where it will be translated and officially submitted. AND THEN WE WAIT FOR A TRAVEL DATE!!!!

Get ready, little man! Here we come!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a fingerprinting tale :)

If you've seen Seinfeld, you are familiar with the "Soup Nazi" episode -- a man who sells soup only on his terms and if he doesn't like you, he yells, "No soup for you!" Well, today, I met the fingerprinting nazi. :) And I survived!

I should preface this story with an important fact. While many fingerprinting offices are completely fine with walk-ins, the office where I was scheduled is known to NOT allow them. I have heard stories where a couple has tried to walk-in at this particular office, and the woman behind the desk says, "I have to ask my supervisor." And his response is, "There is a reason why we give out appointments." In other words, you can forget it. Come back for your scheduled appointment. I knew this going in today, and knew that this was a long shot.

We got to the fingerprinting place before it opened and it was packed. The last time we went, there was literally no one there -- we were in and out in ten minutes. This time, there was a crowd of people waiting outside before it was even open. I figured we were sunk. We got in line and I prepped my fingerprinting notice, driver's license, and large pregnant stomach in case I needed it. As I got to the front desk, the woman behind the desk looked at my paperwork and saw that my appointment was not for today and said, "Why are you here?" I said, "We are trying to adopt a little boy with special needs and I need to travel as soon as possible because I am pregnant." She paused and I knew it was going to be yes or no. Instead, she said the dreaded words, "I need to talk to my supervisor. Have a seat." And she put my paperwork up on a shelf.

We sat down and she moved other people through the line. And then from out of his office, came the supervisor, a.k.a. the fingerprinting nazi. The woman behind the desk motioned for him to come over and I began watching and listening to the conversation. She showed him our paperwork. He sort of scoffed and asked, "How many appointments do we have today?" She said, "135." He asked, "Where is she?" So, I waved to him with one hand and placed the other hand on my one hope -- the pregnant belly. He paused and looked at my paperwork and said, "You'll have to wait." I said, "No problem." And then he disappeared into his office and closed the door.

The woman behind the desk finished processing all of the people in the line. Every seat in the waiting area was full. Numbers were being called and people were getting fingerprinted all around me. Josh and I tried to figure out what "you'll have to wait" meant -- wait till there was room? wait till the end of the day? wait till my appointment?

AND THEN, I watched the woman behind the desk, who had finished with everyone in line, glance one way and then another. She glanced at the supervisor's closed office door, and then beckoned me over. She said, "I can take you now." I said, "Thank you SO much." Then she smiled and said, "And you are having a boy." She got my paperwork for me, gave me a number, and off I went to get fingerprinted.

Ten minutes later I was out of there before the supervisor's door had the chance to open again. And I immediately began running around in the parking lot, dancing what I'm sure looked like quite an unusual sight outside a government building in a strip mall. And Josh just smiled and laughed, both of us blown away by the miracle we experienced in the immigration office.

Thanks to all who prayed for us today and thanks to you, woman behind the desk, who snuck me in before the supervisor could say, "No fingerprinting for you!." Ha!

Monday, January 10, 2011

need prayer please!

So, I have to be fingerprinted again for Immigration. I just received the notice. This is NOT good news. Why? It could potentially delay us another four to six weeks. They gave me a date to be fingerprinted on January 31st. That is THREE WEEKS from today for the appointment. Then we would have to wait another week or two after that to receive the approval. This puts us into the middle of February. Which would then put us traveling in the middle to end of March or early April. I will be 7 months pregnant in the middle of March and 8 months pregnant in the middle of April. So, you can see why we need to travel as soon as possible....

SO, I am going to try to walk-in tomorrow morning and get fingerprinted early. I am praying they will take me tomorrow morning and I won't have to wait till January 31st. Please pray for me tomorrow morning. At 8am I am going to walk-in and hopefully someone there will have compassion on our situation and say YES to fingerprinting. Please pray. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

good news

So, the vote has been scheduled for January 11th -- a week from tomorrow. As I understand, it is NOT a vote as to whether or not to stop adoptions. It IS a vote as to whether or not to change the process of adoptions. In other words, if Vlad's country becomes a Hague country, then the process to adopt him would change. HOWEVER, because we have already started the process, it looks like we would NOT be impacted by a new process, but we would instead be able to finish our adoption under the original process. Does that make sense? Haha! I feel like it is a bunch of sentences that basically say, "Good News, your adoption should continue as planned!" What a relief, huh?!

And good news, Syrus is getting more and more comfortable walking on his own. He gets so excited and begins to make a sound somewhere between a wheeze and a laugh. It's awesome.

I love good news.